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In my view, the answer to the question, “Why should one culture destroy another?” is short and simple: It should not. Why do humans repeatedly destroy the diversity that exists in this world? We kill off entire species of animals. We kill off entire human cultures. We commit genocide and ethnocide. We replace diverse crops with mono-crops. The picture that this creates is nightmarish. Are we really that apathetic that we continue to do these things day in and day out, year after year? What is at the heart of this evil?

In every instance named above, the answer points to power, money, and human greed, lawlessness, and injustice. Species of animals like the buffalo were nearly all killed for their hides–dolphins are killed at incredible rates today in Japan. Native cultures were consciously killed for their lands. Cultures are still vanishing today for land and resources; for instance, indigenous groups in Ecuador are being displaced by oil firms. The Nazi’s killed millions of Jews; the Jews now displace the Palestinians. Monsanto and other agricultural giants make mono-crops replace crop diversity. All these things relate back to a desire for power and money by a relatively small group. Meanwhile, the rest of us allow it to happen. We complain about over taxation; complain about the prices of goods and services; complain about unemployment and poverty; complain that minimum wage is not enough. The whole time, the majority allows the minority to rape the earth in the majority’s name.

We need change. We need to learn to respect. We need just laws and just people to live up to them. The time has come to re-evaluate our collective actions and reorient ourselves. Capitalist globalization threatens world diversity. We cannot have more of the same. The Earth’s diversity is vanishing because we allow it to happen. An alternative to Capitalism and its exploitative methods MUST be peacefully appropriated. The rich must not be allowed the fortune of excess; and the poor must not be allowed to die for our inaction any longer. The time has come for humanity to awaken and evolve. We need to realize who controls mass public opinion and how they do it. We need to learn to ignore what the most powerful responsible for the rape and pillage are saying to us; but we need to stop ignoring what they are doing to our planet and it’s inhabitants. The time for change is now. But how can we do it safely? How can we do it without violence? How can we do it and still remain safe from harms way? What type of system must replace the flawed one that now has hold of the world? These questions need to be answered first or the project is futile; greedy in and of itself; meaningless and dangerous. But to go back to the question that started this blog posting: I answered that we should not allow one culture to kill another. We must find a way to allow capitalism and capitalist culture to exist as well. However, we must not let it destroy everything in its path along the way.


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While it is unlikely that George Bush Jr. will ever see the inside of a prison cell, the threat of charges being laid and possible persecution in an international War Crimes court has stopped him from traveling to some countries. Recent headlines read:

George Bush: no escaping torture charges

Sooner or later, Bush will step into a country where he will be prosecuted for authorizing the abuses of the ‘war on terror’

Last week, Bush cancelled a trip to Geneva because there was word that human rights organizations would have the former world leader arrested. According to long standing international laws of war, George Bush committed war crimes by authorizing the torture of prisoners during his time as President of the United States. Why no mention of the illegal War against Iraq?

It is not clear whether Bush will ever be able to set foot in certain countries for the remainder of his life for fear of possible prosecution. It is possible that other countries may choose to follow suit in future; further disrupting his international travel plans.

It is my own opinion (and that of many many others in the world) that this man is a criminal: I hope for the world’s sake that real justice is eventually served. Nobody should be above the law.  The question I do have, however, is why no mention of former Vice President Dick Cheney…we all know he is just as guilty.

Justin Allen Philcox

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